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M3 provides a multitude of Internet services for physicians and other healthcare professionals

Japan's largest portal site dedicated to healthcare a members-only web site tailored to meet the information needs of healthcare professionals.
In addition to the latest medical news, summaries of overseas journal articles and search of online medical resources, provides a venue where doctors can exchange opinions with each other, search for career change information, learn about goods and services related to going into private practice, and access a variety of other useful medical information, tools and services.


Pharmaceutical companies' MRs deliver the latest medical and drug information online on, helping physicians in everyday medical diagnosis and treatment.
Doctors view the wide array of innovative contents at a time and place convenient for them, such as prior to consultations, at home, etc., and doctors who access the site rate it highly: when surveyed, 92% of users said that MR-kun "deepened their knowledge of diseases", and 94% responded that they were "satisfied with the content".


Helping Doctors Keep Up With Medicine in Just 5 Minutes Every DayMDLinx provides the most extensive and up-to-date review of medical articles and theses in English for US physicians . MDLinx's team of physicians and nurses check and summarize an average of 1,000 articles and theses per day and categorize them into 35 specialized fields for posting online. MDLinx enables doctors to stay abreast of the latest developments in their speciality in just five minutes a day.

MEDI:GATE(South Korea)

Bringing Together Over 70% of Korean DoctorsMEDI:GATE provides various services for physicians and other healthcare professionals in South Korea. The site provides an extensive variety of medical news and content, and features popular online discussion boards where doctors can exchange opinions and communicate with one another.

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